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Fuel Ethanol production Plant

Fuel ethanol production plants produce high-grade ethanol to blend with gasoline for a more environmentally friendly fuel alternative.

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Biodiesel production Plant

A biodiesel production plant is a facility designed to produce biofuels from vegetable oils or animal fats. It involves a process called transesterification, which converts the oils or fats into biodiesel fuel.

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Fuel Hydrogen Production plant

A Fuel Hydrogen Production plant is a facility that produces hydrogen gas as a fuel by using various methods, such as steam reforming of natural gas, electrolysis of water, or biomass gasification.

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Distillation Plant

A distillation plant is a facility that uses heat to separate and purify different components of a liquid mixture. It is used in various industries to produce high-quality products with precise specifications.

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Biotexus Energy Private Limited


BIOTEXUS ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED”, engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling of Biodiesel Oil, Biofuel Manufacturing Plant, Fuel Ethonol Manufacturing plant,  Bio-fuel retail oulet etc. We are also providing small scale Biodiesel manufacturing plant & Fuel Ethanol.

We with the help of our expert team of technocrats are able to cater our vast clientele with the quality assured products. We follow ethical standards like on time delivery and competitively pricing policy and with these standards have developed long period business relationship with our clients spread across the nation.

Nature of Business

Plant Manufacturing Company

Total Employees

100 to 120 People



Repeated Client







Our Special Products

Fuel Ethanol production Plant

Fuel Ethanol Production Plants convert plant materials into clean-burning, renewable fuel ethanol through a process of fermentation, distillation

Biodiesel production Plant

Biodiesel Production Plants convert vegetable oils, animal fats and even used cooking oils into a clean-burning, renewable fuel source.

Essential Oil plant

Essential Oil Plants extract high-quality essential oils from a variety of plant materials. Our pure and natural essential oils are used in perfumery.

Fuel Hydrogen Production plant

Fuel Hydrogen Production Plants produce hydrogen fuel through various methods such as steam methane reforming, electrolysis, and biomass gasification.

Pharma Grade ENA Spirit Production Plant

Pharma Grade ENA Spirit Production Plants produce high-grade Ethyl Alcohol for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Alcohol Production Plant

An Alcohol Production Plant produces high-quality Ethanol or other types of alcohol through fermentation and distillation process.

Advance Biofuel Heads

Team Leaders

Managing Director

Rafik Mankad

The global energy and resources business environment are undergoing unprecedented rapid evolution. While petroleum and fossil fuels, including oil and natural gas, continue to remain an essential part of our modern-day to day lives, global environmental concerns are impacting the manner in which petroleum and fossil fuels have traditionally been explored and developed. With this in mind, we are continually evolving and striving in the performance of our key business activities of Biofuel, oil and gas exploration, upholding our commitment to global environmental issues and best practices.

“Advance Biofuel core business is to provide onshore and offshore services and equipment to facilitate operators in the biofuel, oil, and gas explorations and production to complete the projects in time to the highest industry standards. Our vision is to be a major player in the EPC and turnkey projects in upstream and downstream by continuously upgrading our capability and quality improvement services through the innovation of scientific and technical knowledge.


Bhumi Patel

Sales Head

Meenakshi Sharma

Sales Manager

Jitendra Od





A very professional company. Got a detailed knowledge from Ms. Minakshi about Biodiesel production plant. Will definitely like to go forward in this field with the company.

Azad Chairman

It was a decent Company who are serious about fair business. They are professional and business oriented, who believes in ensuring profit to the all.

Chamaraj Savadi Investor

Thanks for sending such a great team. Hitesh Bhai and Bhagwan Bhai did phenomenal work on-site. This is probably the best part of the project. Thanks, Rafik Sir for the fabulous team you sent

Prithvijit Sarkar Director at Biswa Pyrooil pvt.ltd

It's just a bestest meeting ever with her...like how simply she explained everything about the project... I'm very irritating about my questions but she will answer me with a great smile...so coperative nd understanding..

Ujjwal Mishra NA

Earn Money from biodiesel Plant

Biodiesel production is a lucrative industry with plenty of earning potential. With the right knowledge and resources, individuals can easily learn to establish and operate a biodiesel production plant. This sustainable fuel source is in high demand and can secure long-term contracts with fuel distributors and government agencies. Moreover, investing in biodiesel production plants can create job opportunities and boost local economies. By producing eco-friendly fuel, entrepreneurs can contribute to sustainable development and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Overall, learning to earn money from biodiesel production can be a profitable and impactful venture.

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